Ethereum (ETH): The community has nothing to fear from the Merge?

Despite the Merge being dangled by Vitalik Buterin and his gang, investors’ concerns have not been allayed. What will happen to their Ethereum holdings throughout and after The Merge? Will ETH 2 tokens exist? People are currently plagued by a plethora of questions. On the other side of the river, though, there are also assured investors. They increase the amount of ETH placed in the blockchain deposit contract as a sign of their commitment to Ethereum.

Ethereum 2.0, increasing ETH blockage

Times Tabloid came to the conclusion that the amount of ETH deposited in the Ethereum deposit contract is fluctuating by using data from the Oklink platform. In fact, there are currently 13.3 million ETH equivalents.

Since August 1, there have been an average of 36,000 coins staked per week, according to the placement history of ETH 2.0. Adding up to 153,000 ETH in just 23 days.

However, keep in mind that ordinary investors are only permitted to sell, transport, and trade the stacked ethereum coins they own on the blockchain. Suspension of withdrawals until further notice.

The best course of action for Coinbase is to halt deposits and withdrawals before and during the Merge. to prevent too many investors from being concerned about what will happen to their ETH holdings.

Only a few days remain till the Merge.

Is the Merge’s date already known? More precisely. It has been reported in numerous media outlets that it will happen on September 16.

Everything appears to be in place for the Merge’s preparation. We only recently discovered that Ethereum developers have invited users of Ethereum 2.0 Teku to upgrade. This is a phase in the Bellatrix upgrade integration process, which necessitates downloading Teku v.22.81.

After The Merge, there won’t be any more space for Proof-of-Work, that much is certain. Chandler Guo and other children will not enjoy this circumstance. Ethereum 2.0, according to Vitalik Buterin, would be devoid of selfishness.

The greatest significant benefit of fusion, however, is energy savings, which are said to be 99.95% higher.

Finally, after so much anticipation, the Ethereum Merge is within reach. An occurrence that generated a lot of discussion and served as the basis for several theories. If investors express concerns about this transition, that is very normal. However, they would better wait for the adjustments patiently because Vitalik Buterin is not shy about providing explanations, and the crew working on the blockchain is quite engaged.

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