NFT: First Fundraiser for Doodles and new Partnership

NFTs appear to go unreported although the cryptocurrency market has been declining for months. While cryptocurrencies grab the spotlight, digital assets continue to travel and advance daily. Those who believe that NFTs have reached their full potential are proven wrong by Doodles’ fresh collaborations.

Pharrell Williams Participates in the NFT Doodles Board

There is no need to introduce the musician Pharrell Williams. He has been getting people to dance for decades and is the author of numerous songs. He has an international and, above all, admirable reputation thanks to his many successful collaborations. The singer’s integration into Web3 is not particularly shocking if one of his buddies has recently started using the metaverse.

In fact, the growth of Web3, the metaverse, and NFTs has many people curious. NFTs have succeeded in entering daily life, much like cryptos. As a result, we see an increasing number of celebrities entering this field. These assets are becoming more and more well-known every day thanks to Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and many others. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Pharrell would be involved given the fervor they generate.

According to the business, Pharrell Williams’ involvement in the collection’s management will transform not only the music business but also the way that music is seen online. The founders claim that the singer is a strong supporter of utilizing Web3’s potential. Therefore, this partnership will assist Doodles in achieving its main objective of creating the most recognizable and colossal Web3 multimedia brand.

Keep in mind that brands have also joined the bandwagon, so it’s not just celebs who are doing it. As a result, the debut album from Doodles Records will be made available soon in collaboration with Pharrell, Columbia Records, and a division of Sony Corp Group (SONY). On this album, a lot of recording stars are anticipated. The co-founder of Doodles, Toast Brûlé, will also have album covers on the latter. Julien Holguin, a former chairman of Billboard, is also joining the group as CEO.

The first Doodles fundraiser is run by Alexis Ohanian.

NFTs have been attempting to find a position in the markets for a number of years. Doodles debuts in October 2021 after a number of collections. The collection soon establishes itself in the market and rises to become one of the best sellers based on secondary sales and floor price thanks to its vibrant and appealing pictures. Doodles currently ranks 13th among NFT collections and has over $500 million in sales.

The collection’s sales volume surged as a result of his numerous collaborations. In the past 24 hours, sales had increased by 996 percent, according to her. Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, handled the initial fundraising, which met its goals. In actuality, the latter’s primary goal is to foster the collection’s expansion and intellectual development.

Holguin believes that Ohanian and Seven Seven Six make the ideal collection partners. He claims that the business exclusively collaborates with individuals and organizations that share their beliefs and inspire them to always go above and beyond. For instance, by advancing the upcoming entertainment digital frontier. The collection also intends to engage with Katelin Holloway as a consultant to make sure it achieves the objectives it has set for itself. Additionally, both holders and non-holders will be able to buy the new items in the collection on “the gm store” thanks to its cooperation with Shopify.

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