Shiba Inu (SHIB): 2 years of existence, many zeros eliminated

On August 1, 2020, the day of its launch, the SHIB began with nine zeros. Only 4 zeros remain in the indexes after two years. It is obvious that the entire team has ambition and that the ShibArmy provides it with all of its support. The ideal present anticipated by investors would be a one-way ticket to the moon?

Shiba Inu’s second birthday, approaching the $1 mark?

Remember this date, Internet surfers and Shiba Inu fans: August 1, 2020. because it is the anniversary of the birth of your favorite Shiba Inu meme. The “Dogekiller “‘s” second anniversary was so observed this week.

In terms of maturity, a small 2-year-old child cannot perform as well as a Shiba Inu. Fortunately, there is a technique that can determine how old a dog is in human years. We can advance the SHIB’s manhood by around 28 years.

Shiba Inu’s bridge was wet over those two years. You are undoubtedly interested in how its pricing has changed.

So be aware that the SHIB began tiny, with 9 zeros, at 0.000000000972241 dollars in August 2020. Ryoshi also sent half of the SHIB tokens to Vitalik Buterin, a philanthropist who had amassed some for use in India’s fight against the CAVID-19 virus. However, take note that the latter burned nearly 90% of this gorgeous windfall.

Sadly, this did not assist in lifting the SHIB into the clouds. He noticed an extra zero three months after his birth. Fans of Shiba Inus won’t soon forget November 2020, the month this one exchanged with 10 zeros.

But starting in January 2021, the “get to the moon” objective (and not the clouds) would have been realized. Up until October, 6 zeros were actually eliminated.

The four zeros are still present as of the time of this writing on this Shiba Inu’s second birthday. According to CoinGecko, the price of the currency is currently 0.00001201, growing at a 93.2 percent annual pace.

A promising future for Shiba Inus?

In any case, the Shiba community wishes for this. Given the multiple ideas that Shytoshi Kusama just revealed, there is cause to maintain optimism.

The Shiba Inu developer discussed Shibarium, the stablecoin SHI, SHIB: The Metaverse, and TREAT in his most recent shares. And additional advancements that prove the Shiba Inu is in no way a “pump & dump” dog.

to imply that some fans still dare to harbor hopes for a 1 cent SHIB. Because Shiba Eternity, a game geared for users of Android and iOS systems, has just been published and because their favorite token has just become 2 years old.

A group thanking Ryoshi posted the news about the Shib CCG game, Shiba Eternity, on Twitter. Note that PlaySide Studios (Australia) had to be contacted by Shiba Inu in order to be able to produce it.

Let’s revisit this tale of the SHIB’s zero elimination while we wait for Shiba Eternity to appear on the App Store and Google Play Store. Indeed, we may assert that very few initiatives succeed in achieving such a performance, particularly when considering the concept of a memecoin, which merely alludes to a joke. Shiba Inu is fortunately a joke that rapidly evolved into something more serious, and his second year of life serves as a reminder of how he was able to move past a variety of obstacles.

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