3 Reasons Why Apecoin (APE) Won’t Hit $10 But Battle Infinity Crypto (IBAT) Will Explode When Listed On Pancakeswap

With so many cryptocurrencies available, it might be challenging for some to distinguish out. The situation with Apecoin and Battle Infinity is different. Although these two exciting ventures might be compared, their possibilities are not equal due to the varying price forecasts. This is due to three key factors: the project’s concept, its popularity, and its originality.

It is clear to see from the research of these three factors that Battle Infinity has a decent possibility of taking off and outpacing Apecoin.

A more appealing idea is presented by Battle Infinity than Apecoin.

The APE ecosystem’s governance token is apecoin. It was introduced in 2022 and instantly became popular. It currently has a market value of more than $2 billion. It rose to a record high of 24.94 euros in April 2022 before falling just as quickly. The APE token hasn’t turned a profit since the Bitcoin crisis in June 2022. Since the end of July, he has started to heal.

This graphic can give the impression that apecoin would skyrocket, but this is not the reality. It faces competition from fresh, inventive ventures like Battle Infinity.

Even though Apecoin has received a lot of attention, deeper examination reveals that it is merely based on the Bored Ape Yatch Club concept. This increases its volatility. If investors or holders of Bored Ape start to lose interest in it, this could have a risky effect on the price of Apecoin.

Battle Infinity is a project that was inspired by a video game. Players will be able to obtain incentives in the form of NFTs, which they can then exchange for actual cash. Additionally, it pays users who spend time playing with its native IBAT coin. The Play to Earn philosophy is as follows (P2E).

The point is obvious based only on the two projects’ concepts. Compared to other projects, Battle Infinity has a far more appealing idea. The IBAT token presale was completed in record time. 16,500 BNB, or more than 5 million euros, have been sold in less than a month.

After it is listed on Pancake Swap, the passion that the crypto community has for this initiative will be even more obvious. On August 17, 2022, at 16:00 UTC, this launch will take place.

More people are expected to use Battle Infinity than Apecoin.

One of the elements with the biggest effects on cryptocurrency prices is their level of popularity. The Apecoin benefited from a number of investors upon its start, including Animoca Brands and Coinbase. They were able to advance Apecoin since the latter were already significant players in the industry.

It is evident that the Apecoin has essentially held steady at the same price, which is currently about 6 euros, for a few months. There is a decline in Apecoin’s popularity.

In the meanwhile, no trading platform has yet registered Battle Infinity. However, it arouses passion and interest in both the gaming and cryptocurrency communities. The revolutionary features of this game are eagerly anticipated by many players.

The only thing the crypto community needs to do to get the IBAT is sign up for an exchange platform. It should be noticed that the predictions for the Ibat’s price evolution are quite objective and allow for a realistic estimation of this token. The IBAT is anticipated to increase by 100 when it launches.

According to price predictions for Apecoin, it will increase by 10 or 20 during the next ten years. Since Apecoin is not founded on a project that can withstand the fierce competition, many players believe that these figures are inflated.

When compared to Apecoin, Battle Infinity is far more inventive.

Battle Infinity seems promising based on its premise, its appeal, and the pre-sale fervor displayed. Its playfulness, as seen from the perspective of invention, is what gives it originality. In addition to P2E Battle Infinity features a variety of metaverse-based game variants.

The user will be able to explore the metaverse of the game through these options. In order to win game stuff as well as popularity, he can also take part in the IBAT Premier League, the game’s main tournament. This NFT game’s non-sports-specific focus is another unique aspect. You’ll be able to participate in the sport of your choice and improve to win.

The popularity of the Bored Ape is the foundation of Apecoin. Due to its high volatility, it will find it difficult to survive if its popularity falls. Battle Infinity, on the other hand, is progressing favorably and its idea still has a promising future.

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