How to participate in a crypto pre-sale?

There are several prospects in the cryptocurrency industry. Pre-sales are one of them, allowing one to invest in a project at an advantageous price from the beginning and hence anticipate a great added value over time. How then do you take part in a cryptocurrency pre-sale?

A cryptocurrency pre-sale is what?

A corporation or the teams behind a blockchain project might raise money for its development through a crypto pre-sale. It is a stage set up before the public general sale that enables investors to purchase the token, usually considerably cheaper but usually in fewer numbers. The projects determine how long this pre-sale lasts and how much money each investor receives.

Pre-sales of cryptocurrencies come with opportunities as well as risks. Since many projects are still in their infancy, it is crucial to do your research and manage your risk to prevent unpleasant surprises.

How to take part: Using the Infinity war as an example.

A “Play-to-Earn” fantasy sports gaming platform is called Battle Infinity (IBAT). The idea is straightforward; you can explore the world, engage in player interaction, and have fun just like in a traditional game. In an immersive metaverse, you will be able to compete against players from all around the world.

By connecting games, the metaverse, and blockchain, the project teams want to spark a new revolution in the established game business. a strategy for utilizing decentralization and giving players and producers genuine ownership over the game and its components.

There is nothing more straightforward than taking part in the pre-sale. Simply visit the IBAT pre-sale page, the project’s native coin, and adhere to the instructions.

To begin with, you need a cryptocurrency wallet of the Metamask variety in order to buy tokens. You can connect your wallet and switch to the BSC Chain once you’re on the pre-sale website. You must first have BNB in your Metamask in order to purchase tokens. You can purchase it in this way using a DEX or a sizable centralized exchange like Binance, FTX, or Coinbase. The purchase can then be completed with a minimum payment of 0.1 BNB and a maximum payment of 500 BNB.

You will get tokens in your wallet once the transaction has been successfully validated. If you wish to participate in the Battle Infinity adventure, nothing could be easier. If you are interested in the project, act quickly because the pre-sale will finish in 77 days.

Pre-sale conditions can differ depending on the project, but they frequently mirror those that we are familiar with. Having a full wallet will be necessary for your purchases. You can follow the news and uncover the greatest pre-sales in this specific sector of the cryptocurrency market on a number of websites or other resources. As a result, you can be sure to attend all of the top cryptocurrency pre-sales.

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