Shiba Inu (SHIB): Close to the moon?

The Shiba Inu and ShibArmy creators ought to be celebrating with champagne. The cause? Statistical data just published by “Dogekiller”. You can get an idea of the significance of the triumph by knowing that SHIB is currently ranked 12th on CoinGecko. Memecoin, which has a market value of $9,217,641,650, will overtake its rivals, including Dogecoin.

The night was sweet for the SHIB


When making a symbolic advance, the Army of Shiba frequently uses this cry. And since yesterday, “woof” has been pouring down on Twitter and Reddit.

On August 14, the numbers did appear to be kind to the SHIB. The achievement of a market capitalization of $10 billion is just one of several factors.

Shiba Inu community influencer Lucie Sasinkova, who is well-known, did not omit to share information about this by tweeting:

Just wow!

The Shiba Inu’s triumph does not end there. Additionally, its cost increased 19.87% to $0.00001607. Consider a currency that, according to CoinGecko, was trading at 0.00001732 at 7:15 p.m.

In conclusion, there will always be zeros to remove before reaching one cent, but observers believe a bullish rise of 50% is highly likely. The bear run is thus history for SHIB.

Whoah whoah whoah!

The Shiba Inu seized the chance to defeat Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency with a canine motif. The memecon, a cryptocurrency that Elon Musk holds dear, is still in 10th place on the list of the greatest crypto currencies. With 3.44 million followers, Shiba, however, claims the admiration of Twitter users when it comes to the size of his following (compared to 3.43 million for Dogecoin).

How to please lead developer Shytoshi Kusama

Which controls this “excellent performance”?

We could mention, for example:

  • launch of Shiba Eternity’s test in Vietnam, the well-known and eagerly anticipated Shiba Inu game, at which FXStreet analysts predicted an increase of up to $0.00001550 for the SHIB;
  • Santiment reported last weekend’s whale hyperactivity on the SHIB. The greatest number in four months, 433 transactions totaling over $100,000 were registered over the same time frame;
  • the SHIB burns that keep happening, supported by a VISA card designed for this reason. Nearly $6.36 million worth of SHIB tokens have been burnt since the Shiba Inu was born in 2020;
  • the inclusion of SHIB in a number of platforms, such as Binance Card, which will allow for payment authorization at more than 60 million establishments worldwide;
    the just created official possibility of compensating employees in SHIB;
  • Future inventions include Shibarium and Shib: The Metaverse, among others;
  • BONE ShibaSwap, the rewards token connected to the layer 2 project Shibarium, has taken off;

The charges against the Shiba Inu, such as the “pump and dump” or the end of the world in 2030, are also included. They also help the memecoin become more well-known if their main goal is to damage its reputation.

It is evident that the winter that has caused cryptocurrencies to endure since the start of 2022 is slowly ending. At the time this piece was written, even the bitcoin that Peter Schiff had recently depreciated to $10,000 was trading at $24,090.08. Dogecoin, what about it? Additionally, it saw a 15% gain on August 14th. Without a doubt, we will shortly cross off this final bear run.

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