The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022-2031

The new Sandbox-inspired virtual realm has opened to NFT auctions, where the super boat has been sold. The non-fungible token piece launched with a price of 63.9 Ethereum, but it rose in a few hours.

SAND has gained over 5,000% since June (from top to bottom). Big partners like Snoop Dogg and Adidas help give the coin value.

SAND has outperformed just Axie Infinity (AXS) since June 2021. Dec 2021 has a definite pattern. Will the trend continue? Will you HODL or DUMP in a “maelstrom”?

Since Facebook changed its parent company’s name to Meta, SAND has been positive. The current price dip may be due to the Omicron variant.

Cryptopolitan’s newest SAND price analysis predicts further bearish behavior. The market may reverse, but we can’t be sure. As SAND’s market is dominated by bears, the breakout could be a silver lining. Soon, the bulls may win the market. Metaverse enthusiasts say this might happen next week.

The Sandbox’s 24-hour trading volume is $344,874,798. In 24 hours, the Sandbox fell 6.38 percent. CoinMarketCap ranks #36 with a $1,290,701,694 market cap. It has 1,258,626,081 circulating coins and a max supply of 3,000,000,000.

What’s The Sandbox?

Pixowl’s three solutions empower users by providing them ownership of their content. VoxEditor lets Windows or MC users construct 3D human and animal models.

VoxEditor 3D models can be imported to The Sandbox marketplace, and players can use them. The Sandbox’s native marketplace is a big player draw.

People can upload, sell, and publish NFTs on the marketplace. These uploads proceed through IPFS for decentralized storage and access, where ‘ownership’ comes in.

The Ethereum blockchain records data and proves ownership; owners can sell their products via the marketplace with an ICO.

The Sandbox has a Game Maker. It allows developers or gamers to construct a blockchain game without coding abilities. Game Maker is a magnificent and innovative tool for creating 3D games.


SAND is The Sandbox’s native in-game and a crucial tool for experiencing the Metaverse. This token is used to buy and sell LAND and ASSETS on the platform.

SAND has 3 billion ERC-20 tokens. On Gemini, FTX, and Binance.

Pixowl’s Sandbox launched in 2011. This blockchain-based platform mixes cryptocurrencies, gaming, and non-fungible tokens.

The Sandbox users can develop and build gaming land. It’s a virtual world ecosystem with over a million active users every month.

Arthur Madrid, Pixowl’s co-founder and CEO, runs The Sandbox, and Sebastien Borget is the company’s COO.

Atari, Binance, Adidas, The Smurfs, DeadMau5, and Bored Ape Yacht Club have cooperated with Sandbox. With Sandbox, data systems like Realm have developed non-expendable collections like “Fantasy Island” with 100 virtual islands.

Authority Sites’ Sandbox Price Prediction


Wallet Investor predicts the SAND price will rise to $2.1 by December 2022. The Sandbox is predicted to reach $2.857 by 2025. The 2027 price forecast is 11,663.


According on price history and market data, Technews predicts The Sandbox will cost $2.52 in a year. They believe Sandbox will reach $7.5 by 2025. The Sandbox will be $48,3 by 2031.

NetPricePrediction predicts the SAND price will rise to $1.60 by 2022 and $5.02 by 2025. The Sandbox’s long-term projection is $43.24 by 2030.

The Sandbox price projection for 2022 is bullish: $1.60. The long-term prognosis calls for The Sandbox to average $43.24 by 2030 and decline to $1.37.

2022 Sandbox price prediction

The Sandbox price projection for 2022 is bullish: $1.60. The long-term prognosis calls for The Sandbox to average $43.24 by 2030 and decline to $1.37.

2023 Sandbox price prediction

Sandbox’s 2023 price prediction is $2.36 and $0.032. Average annual price is $1.11.

2024 Sandbox price prediction

The Sandbox predicts 2024 prices of $3.40 and $2.79. Average annual price is $2.87.

2025 Sandbox price prediction

The Sandbox price projection for 2025 is bullish: $5.02 by year’s end. Long-term predictions for The Sandbox are $4.17 and $4.05.

2026 Sandbox price prediction

The Sandbox will cost an average of $6.23 in 2025, ranging from $6.02 to $7.07.

2027 Sandbox Price Prediction

By 2027, crypto usage will have increased and The Sandbox’s price will approach $9.06 with a high of $10.34 and a minimum of $8.81.

2028 Sandbox  price prediction

The Sandbox’s long-term price projection is $12.58 by 2028. In 2028, SAND might average $13.03 and reach $15.22.

2029 Sandbox price prediction

The Sandbox’s price will fall to $17.92 in 2029 before rising to $19.14. Average annual price is $22.06.

2030 Sandbox Price

By 2030, The Sandbox’s price might reach $31.22 and average $25.95. The annual minimum is $25.02.

2031 Sandbox Price

By 2031, the average price will be $36.27, with a high of $43.24 and a low of $34.97.

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