Bitcoin (BTC): The praise of Serbian prince Filip Karađorđević

The Serbian prince Filip Karaorevi was enthused about bitcoin at the Surfin’Bitcoin event, which was held from August 25 to 27, 2022. (BTC). Prince Filip stated at the Casino de Biarritz that the potential influence he could have on children’s education all across the world gives him reason for optimism. The prince identifies as a maximalist in bitcoin (BTC).

Children being educated about Bitcoin (BTC)

Prince Filip thinks it’s important for kids to grasp what bitcoin is. He argues that this is one of the essentials that is underemphasized in education. He asserts that education is worsening more broadly. The prince tries to teach his own four-year-old kid about ideas related to bitcoin as a result (BTC).

Such logic is audible and understandable. In fact, the European Union has stated numerous times that it intends to create a blockchain-based digital version of the euro. Therefore, the foundations taught to youngsters about blockchain and crypto assets will still be valuable even if the regulator is very strict in outlawing bitcoin. Although there is a lot of speculation about digital assets like bitcoin, its technological implications are groundbreaking in many respects.

Significant Bitcoin interest on the part of the prince

The prince made a suggestion during the meeting that he was rebuilding his cryptocurrency portfolio during this time of a bear market. This optimism occasionally manifests itself in political arguments in support of bitcoin. Because “it is a suitable money for Sharia,” he would have stated in July 2022 that the adoption of bitcoin was inevitable for all nations whose citizens worship Islam.

In addition to his title, the self-described bitcoin maximalist became well-known in the cryptocurrency community after declaring in an interview in March 2022 that bitcoin represents freedom. He continued, saying that everyone should have this opportunity. The prince has acknowledged that he lacks the power to declare the digital asset legal tender, though. This was the decision made by the president of El Salvador in September 2021.

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